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T H E R M A L   C L O U D   P A R A G L I D I N G




Paragliding expeditions and vol-biv; Wherever the wind takes us.

Paragliding coaching and mentoring programs; Psychology for the pilot.

Cutting edge equipment; Apparatus for paragliding.

Playing it safe: Equipment fitting, check and repair.



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For information you can always e-mail: fly(at)
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Expeditions and Trips in 2020;

(due to COVID-19 some will be cancelled)

9~15 februari; High Atlas Mountains Morocco
6~8 march; Stubai-Cup Austria
2~11 april; Andalucia Spain (cancelled)
26 april ~ 9 mei; Carinthia Austria (cancelled)
2~8 june; Vosges France (cancelled)
10~14 june; Swiss (cancelled)
16~20 june; Vosges France (cancelled)
27 june ~ 5 july; Iceland (cancelled)
10~26 july; Sudetic Mountains Czech Republic
11~26 july; Namibia (cancelled)
3~12 august; Hochsteiermark Austria
14~22 august; Umbria Italy
5~20 september; Julian Alps Slovenia
3~18 oktober; Iran & Turkmenistan
24~31 oktober; Oludeniz Turkey
10~21 november; Quixada Brazil
12~20 december; Great Basin USA


Flying and selling Triple Seven paragliders.

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Flying and selling X-dreamfly rescues and harness.

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Flying and selling U-turn paragliders.

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